Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Leptospirosis, and should I vaccinate my dog for it?
Why is my cat urinating outside of the litter box?
Is a heartworm test necessary every year?
Why does my dog have such bad breath?
Can you tell me more about spaying or neutering my pet?
My pet is having surgery tomorrow. What do I need to do to prepare?
My pet has fleas. How do I get rid of them?
Why does my dog lick and chew at its paws?
Why is my pet so itchy?
My cat has lost a lot of weight, why?
Why does my dog scoot?
Why is chocolate bad for dogs?
Is declawing my cat a good idea?
Sometimes my dog makes a weird gagging, snorting noise. Why?
Is it okay to give my pet aspirin?
How can I stop the shedding?
Can I get worms from my pet, and if so, how?
How can I stop my dog from eating it's poop?


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